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Dorothy Robertshaw


My art is inseparable from my life.

For 45 years - in my career and my personal life - I have reveled in creativity.  Working in interior design, with a broad range of clients, has been immensely fulfilling.  Now, I am building on all my talent, knowledge and experiences, as I move on to the next exciting stage.


 Now I use my imaginations and a lifetime of practice, to interpret life through original art.  I still experiment fearlessly with new techniques and ways of seeing the world.  Inspired deeply by nature, I work joyfully in a wide range of art media.  I move effortlessly among, oil, acrylic, encaustic wax, pastel, wood, glass and mixed media, achieving richly textured exuberant results.  Color, content, and form infuse my being.  They brighten our world and I am honored to share them with you in new and surprising ways.  I hope you enjoy this new phase of my art and design life as much as I do.

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